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Flat roofs

Felt, EPDM, glassfibre (GRP)

Glasfibre roof covering.

Flat roofs do not have the longevity of a slate or tile pitched roof, but this fact is often misunderstood and has been used to talk homeowners into installing expensive pitched roofs which are unnecessary.

We offer a 15 year guarantee as standard but the truth is a properly constructed and surfaced flat roof will last much longer.


Advantages of a flat roof:

lower cost than pitched roof; easy to maintain and repair.

Felt roofing

Applying felt to flat roof.


Roofing felt is applied in three overlapping layers; the two base layers are vapour permeable while the top is coated in a protective mineral surface.

The newest 'torch-on' felts are far superior to the previous method of poured bitumen.

Make sure you choose a contractor that is fully insured for hot flame processes!

Mineral felt is available in a number of different colours.

We guarantee felt roofs for 15 years.

Felt roofs.

EPDM roof covering

EPDM flat roof covering.

Some local authorities require a top coating of mineral granules. Make sure your roofing contractor knows the regulations.

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer [M-class]) rubber is a relatively modern concept, developed using the latest chemical technology. It is lightweight and is highly flexible meaning it will expand and contract in response to weather conditions without risk of cracking.

Depending on roof size it may be possible to cover the whole area in a single sheet thus minimising joints.

Its relative ease of application has attracted some 'cowboy' installers so make sure you choose a roofing contractor with the requisite experience.

We are so confident of this technology that we guarantee EPDM roofs for 25 years.

Glassfibre roof coverings

Glassfibre flat roof.


We guarantee glassfibre roofs for 25 years.

Glassfibre (GRP) roof coverings are made up of layers of glassfibre matting coated on site with polyester resin.

The finished product is extremely strong and durable. (The Royal Navy builds its minesweeper fleet in glassfibre so you can be sure it is tough and waterproof!) By pigmenting the resin a wide range of colour finishes can be achieved.

GRP detail.It is particularly useful for moulding around complex shapes or stepped surfaces.

Installing a new EPDM membrane on a flat roof and fixing new fascias

Fixing a new EPDM roof to garage. EPDM by Firestone.

GRP roof surfacings: application and completion

Various glassfibre flat roofs.