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Block paving - drives and car parking


Bioverse driveway paving.

The days when the only choice for a driveway surface was black 'Tarmac' or grey concrete are gone. There is now an amazing choice of paving materials to meet every taste whether you want something natural that blends in or something impressive that makes a statement.


Blend in:

'Bioverse' permeable driveway paving.

Long driveway.

Or stand out:

the driveway that says "you've arrived!"

Some paving options for driveways.

Choose the effect you want and leave the technical details to us.

We will advise on the right paving for the job and ensure that all the groundworks - the things you don't see (and don't think about unless they are done incorrectly) - are done properly:


• excavation

• laying of sub-base

• surface and sub-surface drainage


Drainage channel.

• materials compaction

• surface sealing


With so many products to choose from it is important that your contractor understands the appropriate installation techniques.

Block paving types.
Resin driveways.

Driveway materials & choices


Picture. Picture. Picture. Picture. Picture. Picture.

Driveway materials & choices

Brick and block

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Block and cobble

image image image

Riven paving

image image image

Resin bonded aggregate

image image image

Imprint concrete

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